Where The Deer Would Roam

For Doris Thompson…

In the mid-west of sprawling prairie lay the grasslands of Saskatchewan. Gently rolling hills far beyond what the naked eye can see, an autumn wind caresses the sandhill plains of Skull Creek on the westward road out of Swift Current.

…once and always home to a wonderful friend.

Drifting cloud blankets a blue autumn sky
O’er shadow-cast plains of mid-west prairie

Quarter section homesteads pioneer farmed

Grasslands on a canvas of rolling plain

Saskatoon berries and tiger lily

Whitetails would scurry and the deer would roam

Where heifers would graze and wild duck scamper

Amid barren hills of wild strawberry

A little girl’s dreams rest upon her gaze

From this place of homeland to far away


A foot bridge spans meandering waters

Blue heron stand silent by rookery

Upon bedrock of Skull Creek surveying

This heavenly pastoral childhood scene

She would gaze upon skies of deepest blue

Eyes closing, envision her destiny

Whether near of far, ever longingly

It is here in this place of her rearing

Birthright of a delicate heart and soul

A place she will lovingly always be


Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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