Take This Rose; a soliloquy

Estranged to my intentions wouldst I beg your audience. Your tears would fall in haste for yearnings deep within. Eyes begging my surrender, your lips softly speak my name. I am yours unto this night divine, take full advantage as you may…



Lo raging rivers in tempest flow, the winds would carry torrents of rain, lightning in broken streaks upon the mirror pulsates by thy bed. Am I deserving of thy graces, wouldst you lay upon my bed, nervous trembling by my touch, upon thy pillow single rose I place. You speak of things so near to you, thy words I long to hear. Cast long your gaze unto mine eyes for this I truly see…



The night draws near and this I say, my affections would be true. Take comfort in my hand my love, the words I whisper, hear. Fingertips will boldly trace your tenderness within, my kiss upon your silken lips confides my inner pain. For wanton need I cling to you, a smouldering passion burning deep. In my dreams our hands would clasp in the deepest of desires. We would walk across a fieldstone bridge engaging for eternity. The quarter moon doth shine upon our souls this longest day, with darkness as our privacy to things we dare not speak. I have dreamt of you in fantasy, so tender wouldst the love we make, firm embrace and teardrops shared, to slumber would we forsake.



Thine art my rose, I do bequeath, the love I pledge divine. Embrace these moments just as though they may last eternally. My hand doth feel your heartbeat strong, it hastens as I near. Your breath grows shallow in our hasted union tenderly. Forgive the moments past wherein my words and gestures failed…for this I know from depths of soul I`ll cherish you until the end. Take all of me as if thy own, engorge until thou hast satiated.



Wouldst we break bread upon thy table upon our wake next morn. Raise glasses in remembrance of the night that passed before. Your moistened skin would glisten in the afterglow of union. Penetration deep within, exhaled our combined soul. Our dreams would mirror heart`s desire, our bodies writhe in lust, upon this moonlit summer`s night, our passions would consume.



Take this rose as closure to a promise I shall keep. Forever hold me in your arms, my solemn oath of love to thee.



Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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