A Gentle Sea

Upon the strike of three a high sun loomed

A percolating warmth bathing the sea

Shimmering scents of saltwater backwash

Lapping gently on the moorings, inhaled

A lone starfish clings in awkward fashion

Upon pilings plunging to depths below

Above caws a gull in apparent angst

A surly scolding to my bemusement

The absence of another my respite

Pulling tie lines to mark my departure



A single key turn, the outboard chortles

Fumes in recalcitrant twist plume about

Drifting to starboard without much ado

The throttle responds to my gentle ease

Cast away in accordance, wind to lee

Turning eastward, discovery beckons

Forward gaze captures Strawberry Island

A gem amidst treasures, my destiny

Where towering Eik cedar stand sentry

Preserved by the villagers long ago



Waves in frothing white fury surrender

To blackened precipice of weathered rock

Nearing, I slow to a fisherman’s troll

Lion seals glance in banal observance

Nearby a cabin dweller cocks his head

In polite acknowledgement, turns away

To spurn the outsider one would presume

Tending his chores hitherto unfinished

Pipe smoke trailing, the islander would sing

A saltwater shanty of sailors’ dreams



Rounding Strawberry adrift in the tide

Below water’s surface a Sockeye’s pass

To the safety of depths well beyond reach

Save the lure upon rod temptation cast

My attentions divert to water falls

Spilling freefall upon inlet below

I inhale in eager anticipation

The wondrous beauty exhilarating

Trade winds carry hint of moss and cedar

Bald eagles nest in their perch high above



It is here I am one with nature’s way

An ocean of infinite tranquility

The engine falls silent, adrift I would be

Forever enchanted, this place on the sea



Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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