Once Upon A Lakeside Chair

Languid mist upon waters nigh

Tepid stillness, sunlit shimmer

Summer’s breeze would gently caress

Now the days fall silent, lonely

You used to sit upon that chair

Cast of iron, gilded grandeur

Silken legs dangled, barefoot trace

The laughter came easy, childlike

Lay as I would beside you there

Adrift in a world of splendour

Dreams of a kiss upon your cheek

Fingertips comb your silken hair

Our eyes would engage, contented

We would share for long hours then

Our innermost thoughts effusive

The passion, enchantment embraced

The kiss that would linger always

Words fall silent by water’s edge

A chair that would now sit empty

By the water I dream alone

Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved

photo by TAYSPBPICS at Photobucket.com

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