Were It Left Up To Me

Trillions of iridescent droplets flow
As stars that commingle infinitely
Upon the earth to distant galaxies
So very close and yet so far away
We walk together save for the pretense
The union of two minds, two hearts, two hands
By the grace of all that truly should be
O’er the heavens, were it left up to me
Wouldst I claim thy forgiveness, honestly
Bidding love eternal if that could be

Upon summer’s night would I offer this
Forbearance, lo these untoward notions
For anger to words unkindly exchanged
Our disunity not my intention
Bear the burden would I, your tortured soul
Rest upon your lips a dark angel’s kiss
As ships that would seemingly pass through night
In darkness of uncertainty linger
Forgotten beginnings, dreams without end
Our redemption to misguided failings

Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved

photo c/o Photobucket.com

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