Shattered Dreams

The chosen name for the infant little girl in this piece is an Afghan female name meaning “beautiful, radiant”. Although her beauty shall remain with her all of her days it is uncertain whether her radiance will ever be inwardly or outwardly visible again. Her motherland lays in shock and ruin and she has lived a thousand deaths of her own.

May Bahiyaa one day know peace and happiness without fear.

Eyes darkened pools of death and despair

Dried long ago of infantile tears

Droplets of quietude bathing soul

Of visions horrific, a child’s ruin

Suffer the children teachings foretold

Yet fathers rage battles seldom won

Forgotten smiles, sweet lifeless doll

Improvised play amid mortar and shell

Lost to her misery, Bahiyaa waits

Dispossessed longings her daily prayer

Copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved

photo by Adnan_2007 at


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