Once again I reflect on the splendor of nearby Swan Lake where I so often retreat to quiet reflection. For this writing, in the moment, gentle thoughts emerge so dominant.

(read lines #4 in succession separately…illustrates an intentional bridge between stanzas)

Course grained boarding underfoot
Floats in gentle rise and fall
Spanning shores in expectation
…dewdrop beaded railings aged

On bended knee in silence
Absent motion, eyes contact
Magpie’s webbed appendage draws
…as oars in rippled waters

Tallgrass nestles bullrush stands
Fragrant musk exhaled decay
Upon the morning’s sunbathe
…lone Heron poised in shallows

Extruded rock projections
Shoulder twists of peeling Birch
Drifting trumpeter swan in
…resplendent sanctuary

copyright Don MacIver 2010; All Rights Reserved


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