The Devil On High Seas; The Legend of Blackbeard Lives

Queen Anne’s Revenge, by devil’s quest
Cut stormy seas of the Caribbean
In darkness of night centuries fore
Moonlit shadows cast off starboard side

Her bow in rise and fall to waters cross
Angered tempest of impending storm
Sail masts groan in daunting response
To crosswind’s furious intervention

In steadfast command, his eyes outcast
Upon a horizon lost from view
To a midnight pallor harboring
His conquest, save till morning light

By name of Blackbeard fear will consume
The sight and hearts of his enemy
Whose resistance met with their demise
Fallen by this seaward Satan’s sword

An unbathed and weathered stench permeates
His battle-scarred shell of piracy
Hemp woven hair in menacing twist
Face cloaked, bristly appendage of beard

Death by his sword and pistol decry
His condemnation of all mankind
Who dare cross his path or castigate
This lord of piracy, knave of fear

Nary a mutinous word shall be spoke
By his crew lest meeting deadly fate
His rum-laden words bone-chilling scorn
Devil of the high seas cold as stone

Flagship of gunnery, Queen Anne’s Revenge
His dark horse of majesty, battle stage
Where this wretched soul met his demise
Fallen by bullets and burning sword

His head removed, from ship rigging hung
Royal Navy victor o’er pillaging
Testament to justice, ocean’s grave
Where the devil’s foe in silence sleep

Deep waters stained by the blood and soul
Blackbeard’s legend in currents adrift
Deadly reminder to those that dared
Challenge this demon, pirate of seas

Copyright 2009 Don MacIver


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