Seasons For Change

Your eyes glaze over in idle curiosity

A banal silence washing over your voice

In this moment pain and anguish reigns

A heart that slows after timeless beats

Thoughts that wander impatiently

Between now and nowhere searching

Tears that burn as ducts run dry

Diffusing anger of what could have been

Little ones lost that never grew up

What I’d give to make it go away

The tidal ambivalence, nothing gained

Does a day fall so heavily into the night

Without sunshine nor stars would you see

In your autumn your hand now unsteady

Your walk without purpose and stilted

Jaded by losses with time you forsake

Accepting what life so unkindly unfolds

Unlikely reason, untimely reprieve

Rest well upon nightfall, divine is your grace

For the change of seasons fills your dreams

Embrace with dignity whatever must be

The night is still yours, the dawn of days

copyright 2009 Don MacIver;  All Rights Reserved


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