Save For Tomorrow

Dawn draws my rise with intensity
As Morning Glory responds to sun
My gaze to you ever so fondly
In quietness you rest by my side

Silent, your dreams whisper tenderly
Of sweet moments that are yet to come
Let this day be but ours forever
And the nights echo our blessed heartsong

For all that has long come between us
Shall come to pass as night fades away
Hold me ever so close sweet angel
In your arms I will always remain

Reach out with conviction of your faith
That most sacred place within your soul
Where inner strength defines your being
And bathes your heart in content once more

In your arms I stand resurrected
By embracing whatever will be
Take my hand and save for tomorrow
All that could have been ours for today

Yesterday is but a memory
Filled with such heartache and frustration
As tumbleweed drifting aimlessly
Precious moments we lost to the wind

Souls for a lifetime joined together
Taking flight as though a shooting star
For all that I am and all you’ll be
Loving each other forever more

copyright 2009 Don MacIver; All Rights Reserved


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