Upon Layered Souls

As tiered as in lyrical verse
Thoughts linger in layered repose
Recessed in memory shaped as
A Bonsai painstakingly pruned
Intrinsic limbs of solitude
Hang lazily in altered state
Buoyant transitions of stratum
Void of cognitive dissonance
Photographed images shaping
A lifetime of moments we shared
Eclipsed by a passing notion
Draped in a moonlight serenade
We gaze with longing wonderment
Through the eyes of a layered soul
Our destiny shadowed mirrors
Prophesy of things before us
Stepping stones pattern our journey
A heartsong forever embraced

copyright 2009 Don MacIver;  All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Upon Layered Souls

  1. Thanks very much Eileen. This was a different piece for me. I felt somewhat distracted while writing it and am not sure it came out quite as I had hoped. Will put it down for now and come back to it for another read soon…perhaps edit a bit. Hugs.


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