Save Harmless Exculpatory Delusions

Lo fire and brimstone may burn as in Hell

Nay where knaves and thieves in deception fall

Lusting for injurious withholdings

Trickery forged by the magician’s wand

Distortion in all its likeness does bear

Semblance of reasoning abandoned still

Psychoses of disproportionate form

Disengaged realities, thus delusion

Would I intercede your malcontent

Nor exculpate your alleged guilt

Acquit, lest I bear feigned innocence

Your pillage of soul without consequence

By the visage of your damning grace

Do I bow in gentle acquiescence

Doth my soul in plundered poverty speak

Of divine interventions knowingly

Predators loom in the darkness of night

Cloaked in shadow yet valid silhouette

Praying on the meek, complacent of woe

A preponderance, new realities

copyright 2009 Don MacIver;  All Rights Reserved


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