Of Chalice & Sword

Resting high above the village Bamburgh

Stands a castle where knights and kings of lore

Raised their chalice high bidding praise and prayer

Victors of Camelot, King Aurthur’s liege

Sirs Lancelot, Bedevere, Galahad

Knights of gallantry in chainmail armor

Swordsmen of bloodied hand, battle weary

Expounding tales of medieval quest

By the power of the sword Excalibur

Its double-edge raised to a blackened sky

Felling all challenge with swift disregard

The kingdom and its governance upheld

On mounted steed through enchanted forest

Legendary quest for the Holy Grail

Weighs heavy upon battle-scarred warriors

Beyond sandy shores of Northumberland

Lo centuries pass upon Chalice Hill

Where a gardens of tranquil and splendor

Encircles a well head of sculpted inlay

Bearing image of Vesica Pisces

On distant acreage stands “Circle of Stones”

The Stonehenge of Wiltshire by Merlin’s hand

Memorial to kings’ men and war lords

Fallen silent in battle by the sword

copyright 2009 Don MacIver, All Rights Reserved


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