Allow Me This

But few moments span a lifetime

A fissure sinks unmeasured depths

Solar flares rage from distant sun

As tail of the lion, daunting

Chilled air of morn, mellon drop dew

In glistened meander falling

Speckled doe in placid forage

Draws water’s cleanse, a pristine brook

Mine eyes reflect the shimmering

Ears touched by reclusive silence

Allow me this gift of wanton

Extravagance, not forsaken

Eyes closed, feel heartbeat quickening

Mind’s parabolic mandolin

Symphonic cadence, elegance

Allow me this time, this moment

Be this my forever bounty

Upon prayer I cast forth my will

Lay trust and favor at my feet

Allow me few moments to live

copyright 2009 Don MacIver; All Rights Reserved


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