Lost Memories; Prose

How can a lifetime of memories just fade away
Lost in fissures of time in its continuum
Sound and mind bites fleetingly lived
And captured for a lifetime yet drifting with abandon
To a place, existential, yet somehow so removed
Tears fall in sadness of what used to be
Eyes dry in redness for a longing passed away
Confused you sit in silence, your gaze transfixed
On a point beyond this window sill, searching
For something to grasp, greater realities
Born of pre-existence, experience reassured
In calmness, mom, your laughter bids
The fondest recollections
Yet in your darkest hour of need
So drained, so lost in a vortex of things
Your body wrought with tireless desires
Yet struggles to rise to this estrangement
Then you were gone, to Heaven I believe
A kinder, gentler place, lo with angels
Where pureness and joy mark your waking moments
And carry you through precious thoughts and ideals
And even when your visions are seemingly unclear
May you always remember each memory still
And dad, as you sit by your window sill
Gazing longingly for your lover, companion
You too suffer loss of a similar kind
God, please let him linger, give him this time
To chase after those moments that used to be
A better time, better place…in his memory

Copyright 2009 Don MacIver; All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Lost Memories; Prose

  1. very beautiful look at what it means to live and love, and to keep living and loving past the boundaries that we can’t see. i think when hearts truly touch, there is a birth of something indestructible. and i feel that’s what you are describing here. in such a gimme gimme world…such thoughts of tranquility and continuance are indeed rare and precious….lovely write


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