What If God Was…

What if God was…your eyes, your ears

Sensing your danger, hear your cries

Would time stand still as peril nears

Saved harmless from our own demise

What if God was…an entity

Vaster than all the universe

Divine intervention, destiny

Trusting His word, in faith immersed

What if God was…our guiding light

Our wanton saviour by His hand

In Him we trust this painful night

Resonant prayer by his command

What if God was…our hymnal song

Life and its treasures, night and day

Understanding what’s right and wrong

Saved from ourselves and come what may

What if God was…reality

Forgiveness, His extended hand

All that we have was meant to be

His deliverance our healing

What if God was…a newborn child

His power our gift for eternity

His blessings nurture, firm denial

Giving strength, life and liberty

What if God was…

Copyright 2009 Don MacIver, All Rights Reserved


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