Lest We Forget

Since the early beginnings of recorded history and beyond there has been conflict between peoples. That conflict has turned violent, whether between individuals, tribes, factions, organizations, and the military. Whether for personal, religious or political reasons the results are often tragic. We subscribe to ideologies that at times become an obsession, fixating on what we deem to be correct, moral, just or rational. We are no longer a peaceful, patient people. Instead we let force navigate our existence, our fate. We loath banal indifference preferring a call to action, the consequences be damned. We take life as a means to an end begrudgingly, resignedly.

But what of the lives that are lost and the devastation left for surviving loved ones to deal with? We cannot and must not ever forget about the consequence…

Death by precision justifies
Killing field’s slaughter, consequence
Limbs strewn in bloody disarray
The stench of war suffocating
Tears stain a soldier’s uniform
Streaks of anguish shed in vain
Abated fear haunts silent graves
Where the fallen rest, prayer’s refrain
A nation mourns the deathly toll
Mounting daily through unresolve
Row upon row of caskets draped
With flags of homeland awaiting
Courage, conviction marked their way
With honor dispatched, homeward bound
While loved ones gather far away
Distraught, they grieve their painful loss
Lest we forget the brave who served
Pause to reflect their selfless acts
Preserve our freedom and protect
Our way of life, to live in peace

Copyright 2008 Don MacIver


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