I sit in quiet contemplation of all that life means, its triumphs, its pitfalls, my reason for being. The solitude of this place, its resolute and comfort consumes me. Seemingly shattered yet completely whole I search here for answers to questions that beg my study.

I leave this sanctuary cleansed, purified of mind, body and soul. Were it not for quiet reflection, to my anxieties would I surrender, to my confusion and fear would I not confront. This place where I go…my inner self, my own mind.

Pastel shades blend a virginal sky
Naked, resplendant, backdrop serene
This place of refuge, of solitude
I go oft in haste, reflect upon
Tears shed in anger, laughter and pain
Is this all there is, resentingly
Stillness blankets disquiet of mind
Inhale purity, absent mankind
Eyes transfixed to a point deep within
Cavernous hollow, I imagine
A world without fear, save consequence
Tumultuous conflict, unresolve
My gaze now panning this scene surreal
In silent repose, of nothingness
Trees postured awkwardly, limbs are void
Of dressing, craggy lung lineage
Distant murmor, strained cry of a Loon
Captures the essence, soft voice to scene
An insect’s water dance stark contrast
Shuddered diffusion propagates waves
Gently rolling in outward release
To dissipate unwaveringly
Vanished by dispersion, cast aside
Unspoken reflection, realise

copyright 2008, Don MacIver


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