Teardrops From Heaven

First drops followed by a lifetime more
Wind driven cascade of images
Reflections of past humanity
Crying out, voiceless with empty gaze
In a jolt of lightning, cloudburst rage
Freefall translucent, lost memories
Droplets mirror faith, molecular
Diffused energy drifting away
Laughter drowned by sorrow, weeping tears
Stained by the blood of their gaping wounds
Gone before their time, unfulfilled quest
To love, to live without sacrifice
Immortal beings in disbelief
Their demise imminent, teardrops fall
On dreams of tomorrow, unwavering

Thunder’s rumble distant, shuddering
Amid cloudscapes blackened, billowing
Release of whispers, encapsulate
The voice of tomorrow, Heavenly

copyright 2008 Don MacIver


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