Crush On You

Think for a moment of your greatest desire, perhaps unspeakable, played out in a dream. A dinner divine, candlelight, wine. In background soft melodies beckoning. Anticipation, laughter, words nervously shared, what comes next, exploring, two souls will engage.

Lights dim ever slowly, shadows dance
Candlelight quivers by gentle breeze
Soft music scintillates, ecstasy
Your movements stirring, passionately

Lips part, fall silent, yet whispering
Things of the night, no mention by day
Slowy circle, release not my gaze
Dominance, bound by silken restraint

Hear none but silence, save two hearbeats
Quickened, anxious, with cadence between
Veins coursing, energized, pulsating
Glance, look away, eyes darting, transfixed

Crush, what a crush…so deep for you

Open, my hand, for all that you take
Perhaps for tonight, a lifetime yet
But a chance for love without regret
I beg just one kiss, sweet tender lips

Divine your intention, cast away
All inhibition, consume of me
Give me this night, gently, without end
To touch, to hold, erotic embrace

Crush, uncontrolable…crush on you

With soul of an angel, blessed be
The moments we share, so tenderly
Caress mind and soul, though never take
From me this night, this desire for you

My love unconditional, yours to forsake

This crush, intensity…crush on you

copyright 2008 Don MacIver


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